The pandemic acted as an accelerant in the world of cybersecurity, with the massive use of remote working and the digitalisation of a host of procedures and forms of communication.
Cybercriminals also seized this opportunity to step up their cyberattacks, which laid bare the vulnerability of French businesses, local authorities, administrations, and government establishments to this growing phenomenon.

This document formulates proposals around five key lines of action:

  • Risk awareness building efforts
  • Rethinking training
  • The creation of an ecosystem and its financing
  • Prevention and assurance
  • The promotion of European sovereignty

It summarises the work done by IDATE DigiWorld’s 2021 “Cybersecurity, cyber resilience” Commission. The working group’s participants include private enterprises, both major corporations and start-ups, as well as public sector entities.

Table of contents

1. Foreword

2. Executive Summary

3. Cybersecurity: state of play
3.1. Businesses’ increasing digitalisation exposes them to a growing array of cyberthreats
3.2. Most targeted industries
3.3. Regulation taking shape
3.4. Investment schemes beginning to appear
3.5. Main levers for increasing protection and resilience levels

4. Proposals to increase cyber resilience
4.1. Awareness-building
4.2. Step up training
4.3. Stimulate the creation of ecosystems
4.4. Prevention and assurance
4.5. Promote European sovereignty over cybersecurity

Geographic area

  • France

Other details

  • Reference: T00016A
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: cybersecurity, cyber resilience, cyber risk

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Cybersecurity, cyber resilience

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