The post-Covid environment accelerated changes that had already been in the works for several years, and which will be game changers, as much in terms of uses and products as organisational and financing models.

This document provides the preliminary stepping stones in laying the groundwork for the mobility revolution, to build a better future for our cities and our regions.

It is organized around four areas of reflection:

  • The change in uses and the rise of new mobility services
  • The keys of success
  • The levers creating the ability to deploy the mobility of tomorrow
  • The organizational model

The work presented in this document was carried out by the “Connected Territories and Mobility” Commission, led by IDATE DigiWorld, from June to November 2021, to discuss the proposals to be implemented.
The working group’s participants include private enterprises, both major corporations and start-ups, as well as public sector entities.

Table of contents

1. Foreword

2. Executive summary

3. Needs & solutions
3.1. New uses and new paradigms
3.1.1. Context
3.1.2. Challenges
3.1.3. What’s the solution?
3.1.4. Best practices
3.2. Moving towards soft and responsible mobility
3.2.1. Context
3.2.2. Challenges
3.2.3. What’s the solution?

4. Keys to success
4.1. The central role of infrastructures
4.1.1. Context
4.1.2. Challenges
4.1.3. What’s the solution?
4.1.4. Best Practices
4.2. Data at the heart of future mobility
4.2.1. Context
4.2.2. Challenges
4.2.3. What’s the solution?
4.2.4. Best practices

5. Levers
5.1. Mobility service financing and business models
5.1.1. Context
5.1.2. Challenges
5.1.3. What’s the solution?
5.1.4. Best practices
5.2. New talents helping drive this transformation
5.2.1. Context
5.2.2. Challenges
5.2.3. What’s the solution?
5.2.4. Best practices

6. Structure
6.1. Creating a new model of governance
6.1.1. Context
6.1.2. Challenges
6.1.3. What’s the solution?
6.1.4. Best practices
6.2. Expanding the scope of mobility services
6.2.1. Context
6.2.2. Challenges
6.2.3. What’s the solution?
6.2.4. Best practices

7. Conclusion

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  • Tags: connected territories, mobility

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