This report provides an analysis of cloud gaming, at both the industry and market level, with the recent launch of Google Stadia.

Table of contents

1. Video game streaming
1.1. From cloud gaming to Stadia
1.2. A technology that renders gaming platforms obsolete
1.3. Cloud gaming challenges
1.4. Sony, the cloud gaming leader with over 700,000 subscribers
1.5. Cloud computing and video games: a natural convergence
1.6. Saas, PaaS, IaaS: more dematerialised services used for gaming
1.7. The added value of cloud gaming
1.8. Positioning of the major players in the value chain
1.9. Technical challenges: latency, bandwidth, processing power

2. Stadia
2.1. The competitive landscape
2.2. Google Stadia games and services
2.3. The most powerful platform on the market
2.4. Graphical requirements
2.5. A standard controller, access to Google’s connected services
2.6. Digitalised distribution and 5G

3. Market outlook
3.1. Volume and breakdown of subscribers to cloud gaming services
3.2. The cloud gaming services market

List of tables and figures

List of tables and figures

Video game streaming
• Structure of cloud computing services
• The cloud gaming value chain
• Cloud gaming technology

Market outlook
• Number of subscribers to Games on Demand services worldwide, 2010-2024
• Regional breakdown of subscribers to Games on Demand services worldwide, 2019-2024
• World cloud gaming market value, 2019-2024
• Breakdown of the world cloud gaming market value, 2019-2024

Geographic area


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