At a time when digital technologies have become essential tools for meeting economic, energy and environmental needs, as an “open innovation platform” 5G is a source of growth, innovation, and social inclusion.

  • It will help reduce the digital divide and provide high-speed Internet, anytime, anywhere. It will transform factories, giving them the competitive edge they need to be productive, efficient and create jobs.
  • It will help farmers save water and reduce their use of fertilisers and pesticides, it will make transportation safer and more efficient and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It will also help local authorities to manage public goods and services more efficiently.

The purpose of this position paper is to take stock of the state of progress of 5G in Europe and deliver a detailed snapshot of its benefits, expand the scope of 5G realities through concrete and available examples, and to move innovations set to emerge in the coming years from the realm of the possible to the realm of realities.
It was developed in collaboration with the members of the IDATE DigiWorld’s Commission « 5G in Europe » during the year 2021.

Table of contents

1. 5G: state of progress
1.1. Regulatory stances in Europe
1.2. Technological and industrial advances

2. B2B 5G
2.1. Private 5G networks
2.2. The new value chains

3. B2C 5G
3.1. New uses
3.2. New players and ecosystems

4. 5G Devices
4.1. 5G PCs, or the hybrid enterprise
4.2. Smartphones that live in the cloud
4.3. AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) robots
4.4. Smart glasses
4.5. Mixed Reality (AR/VR)
4.6. CPE (5G FWA)

5. Next stages of 5G

Geographic area


Other details

  • Reference: T00011A
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: 5G

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