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Jacques Bajon

Director of studies

Is pay TV stuck in an inexorable decline? Is SVOD the miracle cure? Have veteran players become aware of the changing tide and adapted their strategies accordingly? Who will be the big winners in this massive migration to online (OTT) services?

We have recently seen that OTT services have a strong impact on the entire audiovisual sector. The most significant growth concerns SVOD, which is driving growth at European level for the entire sector.

This report from IDATE DigiWorld tackles all of these questions by examining both markets and players.

It begins with a detailed look at subscription TV & video markets: how TV and SVOD subscriptions are progressing on each type of network (2015 – 2023), by player (2015 – 2019), and in terms of service revenue (2015 – 2023).

Want to know more? Download now the key figures!

Pay TV markets and players: key figures