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Jacques Bajon

Director of studies

Want to learn more about the World OTT video services markets? Check out our latest report!

This observatory covers the OTT video market according to multiple inputs, players and markets:

  • Access to OTT video services (subscriptions and subscribers to paid offers, by country and service), active monthly users of ad-supported offers (by service).
  • Service revenues are derived from subscription & transactional services (rental and purchase) and advertising revenues (Internet video advertising and in-stream video advertising).
  • Performance indicators are also documented, including the level of stacking of subscription services and average revenue per subscriber (by country)
  • The rankings by player show the positioning of the world leaders in terms of subscriptions and turnover.
  • 29 countries are covered, 4 major geographical areas (Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa-Middle East) as well as the sub-regions of Europe (Western/Central and Eastern/Scandinavia) and Middle East & Africa (Middle East & North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa) are consolidated
  • Aggregated data for 7 countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, USA, China)
  • The market data cover the period 2018-2021, with forecasts to 2026.

A report summarises the reference database. An analysis of the main trends in the sector is also included.