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François Kulczak

PR & Digital Communication Manager

This upcoming event from IDATE DigiWorld will explore the economic, societal, impact of digital technologies and behaviours.

If digital technology’s influence on the economy has been clear for several years now, and can now be anticipated, the digital transformation of society and of citizens themselves is giving rise to predictions and projections that can sound like something out of science fiction or fantasy land: digital implants, augmented humans, consciousness transfers, immortality or DNA digital data storage.

But, even if they are not all quite so spectacular or even noticeable, the effects of digital technology on “human” evolution are already multifarious and profoundly altering society and its citizens, with new uses and behaviours that are driving a massive transformation at several levels:

  • locally: cities, municipal services, transportation, energy, in developing countries…
  • in how public policy-makers think: governments, regulators, local authorities, teaching and training, and private sector decision-makers: large corporations, veteran players, new entrants…
  • ethical issues: augmented humans, eHealth, the silver economy… and social ones: dangers of digital exclusion, changing codes of conduct and best practices, security, diversity, cultural mix, education…
  • value creation: data monetisation, data sovereignty and/or ownership, data protection …

Guest speakers include:

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