A versatile team ready to suit your requirements !

François Barrault


Jacques Moulin


Pascale Armas


Pierre-Michel Attali

Director of the Digital Territories Unit

Jacques Bajon

Head of the TV & Digital Content Practice

Vincent Baldacchino

Head of the UFB Public & Private Practice

Christine Barre

Events Director

Maxime Bascop

Conferences Manager

Philippe Baudouin

Head of the Smart Territories Practice

Samuel Beltran

Consultant Telecoms Unit

Vincent Bonneau

Head of the Innovation Unit

Isabelle Brugié

In charge of Management control and Accounting

Basile Carle

Senior Consultant Telecoms Unit

Anne Causse

Director of studies Digital Territories Unit

Bertrand Copigneaux

Head of the R&D Practice

Ariane Enjalbal

Consultant Telecoms Unit

Julien Gaudemer

Senior Consultant Digital Territories Unit

Emmanuelle Geoffroy

Executive Assistant, Telecom Unit

Guillaume Goudard

Director of Studies Digital Territories Unit

Isabel Jimenez

Sales Manager, Business Unit Research

Antoine Klifa

Consultant Innovation Unit

François Kulczak

PR & Digital Communication Manager

Florence Le Borgne

Future TV & Digital Content Lead Analyst

Jean-Luc Lemmens

Head of the Telecoms Division

Sophie Lubrano

Director of Studies Telecom Unit

Carole Manero

Director of Studies Telecom Unit

Laurent Michaud

Head of the Video Game Practice

Sophie Monjo

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Roland Montagne

Head of the Wireline Practice

Nicolas Moreno

Senior Consultant Digital Territories Unit

Pauline Mornet

Consultant Digital Territories Unit

Soichï Nakajima

Digital Telcos Lead analyst

Hélène Ollivier


Sabine Orlandini

Human Resources Department

Christoph Pennings

Director of Studies Telecom Unit

Didier Pouillot

Head of Markets & Regulation Practice

Frédéric Pujol

Head of the Wireless Practice

Tiana Ramahandry

Senior Consultant Innovation Unit

Samuel Ropert

Head of IoT Practice

Frédérique Roux

Information support IDATE DigiWorld

Vanessa Segura

Customer Support

Jean-Dominique Seval

Deputy CEO

Bodanka Sikanic

Executive Assistant, Innovation Unit

Nathalie Torossian

Executive Assistant, Digital Territories Unit

Hao Yi

Consultant Innovation Unit