Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments are at the center of government commitments around the world, especially during the current pandemic. 
For nearly 15 years, IDATE DigiWorld has been monitoring FTTH deployments in France, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific and has been compiling annual overviews and databases for the FTTH CouncilsThe teams of engineers, analysts and economists also work with regulators and governments to assist them in the implementation of their broadband plans, carry out technological analyses for manufacturers in the field of broadband, and conduct market studies and business planning for operators or national electricity companies

The FTTx community will specifically address the following topics: 

  • The deployment of open networks to promote the deployment of Fiber outside the city centers, 
  • The convergence of FTTH networks and 5G networks deployed today,
  • The deployment of NGPON technologies allowing to offer 10Gbps for all, 
  • Le Business Planning FTTH for an electric operator,
  • The high-speed broadband at the heart of the post-Covid economic recovery and the digital transition of territories.

FTTx Community Leader

Roland Montagne

Head of Digital and Sustainable Territories, Principal Analyst FTTH