Widely highlighted by the crisis we are going through, the integration of digital technology in the field of health and in its entire value chain presents numerous use cases and innovations.​ The E-Health community will identify the various advances, as well as the necessary involvement of health and digital actors and beyond, both at the level of public authorities and private decision makers. We will also discuss the major challenges to be overcome in order to ensure its main role, “care”, and the economic model to be put in place to ensure its sustainability

The community will focus on solutions and models in France, Europe, Africa or Asia because the crisis has highlighted an intensification and differentiated acceleration  according to the zones and countries. The E-Health community will build on the reflections that IDATE DigiWorld has been conducting for several years through its Market Intelligence reports and the workshops organized during the Summit and DigiWorld4Africa.

The following issues will also be addressed:

  • What are the winning strategies?
  • What are the sovereignty issues?

E-Health & Green Transition Community Leader

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