Digital technologies are punctuated by waves of innovations, the current one being characterized by a multitude of innovations (edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing…) and not by a dominant technology as in the last fifteen years (with the Web, the cloud or mobile). Most often combined, these emerging technologies are also closely linked to related topics such as IoT, cloud computing or 5GAll of these new technologies are seen as catalysts for digital transformation, but this excitement creates complexity for companies that are not able to invest in all areas and must make trade-offs. In addition, emerging technologies are introducing paradigm shifts in the control of data and critical infrastructures. 

The “Disruptive technologies” community will focus on deciphering these technologies and their impacts:

  • What are behind these “trendy” technologies? What do they really allow? With what time frame?
  • What are the impacts on the business models of traditional telecom and IT markets?
  • What impact on vertical markets? How are these technologies reshuffling the cards of the ecosystems?

Disruptive Technologies Community Leader

Tiana Ramahandry

Disruptive Technologies Community Leader