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Build the next world, be a player in the DigiWorld Commissions with our senior advisors Anne Lange, Agnès Touraine and Antoine Petit.

The globalisation of trade – enabled, among other things, by the internet giants’ value propositions, the innovation race and its need for financing, and the speed with which new technologies are adopted by vertical industry stakeholders – creates a challenge to some countries’ self-protective reflex to become more insular.

The economy’s ongoing bipolarisation, which has been accentuated in recent years by technological progress, but also by the pace at which the industry has incorporated innovations into both B2B and consumer applications, provides a stark reminder of how urgent it has become to define an open European project that provides an alternative to the Chinese and American models.

The unprecedented health crisis that we are experiencing has been both revelatory and a catalyst for the issues surrounding this vital European industrial and digital project. These issues include sovereignty, the need to control critical and strategic operations, the capacity to support and retain innovations, and enable their incorporation into a framework that is consistent with European values, using 5G to help drive the industry’s transformation and new uses cases, the ecological transition and new technologies.

This year, at the request of its members and its Experts Committee, IDATE DigiWorld will structure its analysis and research around this European ambition, as well as its platform for dialogue populated by more than 80 contributors: leading ICT and service industry corporations from France, Europe and around the world, institutions and local authorities, public policymakers, R&D institutes and universities, startups and SMEs…

The aim is to step away from all the anxietyinducing talk and to work on building a positive digital society based on this European project.

To this end, IDATE DigiWorld plans on structuring its work around three working groups that will be open to its members and to ICT industry stakeholders:

  • The digital and ecological transition – commission supported by Anne Lange, Entrepreneur, Board MemberFFP, Inditex, Orange, Pernod Ricard 
    Kick–off : Wednesday 27th May, 9:00 am -11:00 am 

  • 5G: Accelerating European digital transformation – commission supported by  Agnès TouraineChairwoman,  Act III Consultant
    Kick–off : Wednesday 27th May, 2:00 pm -3:30 pm  

  • Digital sovereignty– commissionsupported by Antoine PetitChairman & CEO, CNRS
    Kick–off : Thursday 28th May, 9:30 am -11:30 am 

We will meet you on December 2th for the DigiWorld Summit at Palais Brongniart for the presentation of DigiWorld Commissions’conclusions ! 

 Interested? Download now the detailed program of the 3 commissions and the registration form!