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Yves Gassot

Former CEO

Debate over the crucial role that trust will play in the digital economy’s future

The 38th annual DigiWorld Summit will run from 15 – 17 November 2016, and have as its central theme: The Internet of Trust. It will be an opportunity to engage in a meaningful international debate over digital trust issues – starting with security and privacy – which have become major sources of concern for all of the ecosystem’s stakeholders.

As the number of reported cyber-attacks worldwide is growing by close to 40% a year, we expect that upcoming stages in digital technologies’ evolution will only amplify the phenomenon. And this to such an extent that any future scenario is possible: from a continuation of the current chaos to a breakdown in trust that would lead to the construction of a new digital economy, which will no doubt differ in many respects from the one we know today.=

  • Are we reaching a tolerance threshold for online trust?
  • How can veteran digital industry players (equipment suppliers, telcos, IT companies) capitalise on the current climate?
  • Are verticals threatened by the situation or, on the contrary, on the winning side of trust and security issues?
  • Do we need a new regulatory framework to govern, or reassure, market players and consumers?

Including the 120 speakers on this edition:

  • Anne BOUVEROT, CEO, Morpho
  • Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN, Chairwoman, CNIL
  • Pierre, CHAPPAZ, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Teads
  • Didier LAMOUCHE, President & CEO, Oberthur
  • Joseph LUBIN, Founder & CEO, ConsenSys, Co-Founder Ethereum
  • Carlos LOPEZ BLANCO, Global Head, Public and Regulatory Affairs, Telefónica
  • Stéphane RICHARD, Chairman & CEO, Orange
  • Corrado SCIOLLA, President Europe, BT Global Services
  • Nicolas SEKKAKI, CEO France, IBM

Choosing the theme for the 2016 DigiWorld Summit came about quite naturally. The vast majority of IDATE DigiWorld were eager to tackle the topic of trust.
For some time now, trust has been recognised as a vital ingredient in the success of a brand, an economy or a society. This is all the more true in a world being transformed by digital innovation. In its scenarios for 2025, IDATE DigiWorld underscored that trust was one of the key variables in tomorrow’s digital ecosystem. To shore up this belief, we need only look at some recent headlines:

  • the cyberattacks against telcos, TV networks and government agencies,
  • the legal wrangles between Apple and WhatsApp and government authorities wanting access to the encryption key for the devices or messages;
  • the very drawn out European Union negotiations over new data protection rules;
  • the end of the Safe Harbor transatlantic agreement and ensuing debates over the new Privacy Shield;
  • questions over the dangers surrounding connected/driverless cars, and the growing ubiquity of the IoT in general;
  • the ad–blocking phenomenon;
  • questions over what impact multiple FinTech solutions will have on the soundness of the banking system, and blockchain’s ability to replace today’s trusted third parties;

So trust is a focal point for telcos, cloud computing companies, Internet giants, start–ups, governments and regulators, but also for every economic sector across the board, not to mention consumers and citizens.
And, as always, acknowledging risk must not prevent us from also analysing opportunities, in terms of innovation, differentiation strategies and the competitive advantages available to many market players.

Once again this year, the vital meeting place that this international conference has become, will include plenary sessions that will provide a springboard for a series of high–level specialty forums.  These forums are an opportunity to delve deeper into the main trends we expect to see in mobile networks with the advent of 5G, ultrafast broadband, the Internet of Things, the TV market’s transformation in Europe, FinTech, video games, the digital promise in Africa and what makes a smart city.

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