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Yves Gassot

Former CEO

Over the past 15 years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has forged a reputation as the go-to reference work from Europe’s premier think tank, IDATE DigiWorld. Every year, it delivers an analysis of the latest developments in telecom, Internet and media markets, identifies the core trends around the world and provides a snapshot of the shape of things to come.

To mark the release of the 2016 Yearbook, IDATE DigiWorld is hosting a forward-looking debate on the key trends that will shape the digital economy over the next 10 years. Based on detailed analyses of the current state of affairs, along with development scenarios for 2025 established by our in-house experts, the CEOs and presidents of the sector’s leading companies are invited to comment and share their views on what the digital future holds.

With the participation of:

  • Thierry Breton, Directeur général, Atos
  • Jean-Charles Decaux, Président du Directoire et Codirecteur général du groupe, JC Decaux
  • Grégoire Olivier, Directeur des services de mobilité et membre du Comité Exécutif, Groupe PSA
  • Bernard Ourghanlian, Directeur Technique et Scientifique, Microsoft
  • Alain Weill, Directeur général, SFR Media
  • Charles Ding SVP Huawei Technologies ou ShiWeiliang, futur DG France Huawei Technologies
  • Octave Klaba, Fondateur et Président, OVH
  • Pierre Nanterme, Président-Directeur général, Accenture
  • Stéphane Richard, Président-Directeur général, Orange


What is the DigiWorld Yearbook?

A round-up of the finest analysis from IDATE DigiWorld experts who track global telecom, internet and media market developments year-round.

The DigiWorld Yearbook is published in English and French, and is available in print and PDF versions.

This edition will be available on the 6th of June: Print: €100 excl. VAT – PDF: €65 excl. VAT

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