At the 39th annual DigiWorld Summit, in partnership with Business France and French Tech, IDATE will be hosting the third annual DigiWorld Awards, recognising excellence in digital start-ups created by French entrepreneurs outside of France, in four categories: Africa and the Middle East – the Americas – Asia – Europe. (outside of France).

Why recognise and reward companies created outside of France?

“French Tech” encompasses everybody who works with or for French start-ups, both in France and abroad. Entrepreneurs, first and foremost, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, conglomerates, associations, media companies, public operators, R&D centres… all working to further start-ups’ growth and international reach. French Tech – of which Business France is a founding member – is a joint initiative that was kick-started by the French government but sustained and developed by industry stakeholders.

Since 2015 a good number of French Tech Hubs have been created in more than 15 major cities around the globe, all of which represent key centres for development for French Tech start-ups. The goal is to “stimulate collective action” and to bring the various public actors (Business France, consulates, chambers of commerce, local authorities…) together under a single umbrella with a network of entrepreneurs that have a solid footing in overseas markets (start-ups, conglomerates, investors, engineers, designers and developers), which can serve as mentors for young start-ups wanting to develop their business in that market, and as ambassadors for French Tech with local decision-makers.

The DigiWorld Awards thus provide a unique opportunity to identify the many entrepreneurs who have created a start-up abroad, and to recognise those who have been successful overseas… perhaps before coming to France!


Extract from the 2016 ceremony