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Yves Gassot

Former CEO

I will be leaving IDATE DigiWorld in a few weeks after many wonderful, exciting years. Before I go, I’d like to share some of the reasons why I believe so firmly in its future.

First I believe that, with the support of the Board and its chairman, as well as that of the excellent team around him, Jacques Moulin will be able to forge a new era of growth and success for the Institute.

I could point to IDATE DigiWorld’s fine health, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. But of course that’s not enough, even if I am proud to have helped the Institute grow to where it is today, without losing sight of the spirit in which its founders created it.

My faith lies above all in IDATE DigiWorld’s sturdy and singular model: a platform that cultivates the synergies that bind its two halves. On the one side, the support of some 60 of the most prominent digital industry companies and, on the other, teams of dedicated and respected analysts and consultants. The first ensures the independence of our governance, thanks to their diversity, a close connection to the industry’s issues and the demand for greater openness onto the international stage. The second provides us with the relevant expertise and ability to foster debate through trusted market data and quality analysis, through high-level think tanks (IDATE DigiWorld Institute), a rigorous international market watch (IDATE DigiWorld Research) and research and consulting excellence (IDATE DigiWorld Consulting). Of course there is always room to grow and evolve on both sides: expanding our membership by looking to those companies involved in the digital transformation, and allowing our teams to continue to hone their skills and their professionalism, and to expand their international reach.

Of course, it is crucial to remain agile and to know how to fine tune this model, and allow it to evolve. Opportunities abound. We need only mention some of the priority areas of focus we have set: smart cities, digital Africa and supporting leading R&D consortia. All of these must serve as opportunities to improve the Institute’s economic equilibrium.

In addition to its model, I sincerely hope that the true originality of IDATE DigiWorld will continue to flourish, in the way its members and staff work together on constructing their project, by standing up for independence and openness, and by sharing their passion for deciphering this still only nascent digital world of ours.

I shall conclude by reminding you that que last edition of our annual report “DigiWorld Yearbook” is now published. This best-of of our analyses, delivers a concise snapshot of the world’s digital markets.

Best-of DigiWorld Future 2016