Infrastructures are the basic link essential to the development of new uses, the digitalization of the economy and the digital transformation of territories. Public players are mobilising to define guidelines, manage projects and even deploy infrastructures that are essential to the digital development of territories. The “Connected Territories” community has been assisting local (Departments, Regions, Mixed Syndicates) or national (African States such as Gabon, Congo, CAR, Senegal, Togo, Guinea …) public actors and private clients (banks, investors, telecom operators, datacenter operators …) in their reflections on infrastructure issues. 

The “Connected Territories” community offers a wide range of expertise in the areas of networks and data centers. The response missions concern strategic studies (inventory of network and/or datacenter infrastructures and services available in a territory, definition of digital development strategies, elaboration of technical, economic and contractual scenarios for territorial coverage), technical and economic assistance missions (business plan, control and monitoring of very high speed broadband and/or datacenter projects, due diligence), or benchmarking of services (telecoms, datacenters, cloud).  

The new challenges of digital development lead the community to broaden its field of competence with new reflections around the new axes of network development (RIP IoT for example) that can impact the development of new services for the digitisation of territories. 

Connected territories: Digital Infrastructures Community Leader