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DMA – Impacts and compliance challenges

The proposed EC regulation on DMA will set a landmark in the functioning of digital markets. If the legislators are able to find consensus in 2022, the new regulation can already come into force in 2023.  Articles 5 and 6 of the DMA contains obligations (Data portability, Interoperability, Data sharing,…) that may be imposed on designated “Gatekeeper platforms”.  Time to take a look at the possible impacts these may have on social networks, users in terms of vulnerabilities (such as the risk for privacy, security,…) current business and legal practices, and what further steps are recommendable to ensure a proper and conflict free enforcement.

At this event we will discuss with:  Mr. Kay Jebelli, Competition & Regulatory Counsel – Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe),  Mrs. Karina Stan, Director of EU Policy and Head of Brussels office (developers association),  Mr.  William Leslie (Linklaters), Per Karlsson (Founder, Per Karlsson & Co).

  • The general governance structure of the DMA regulation and the roles of the various actors (European Commission, national competent authorities, CJEU,…)
  • Service limitations and consumer
  • Possible business barriers & how legal clarity and guidance should be provided? Should there be some limitations to a interoperable use of services and flow of data from the gatekeepers, to their business users.
  • How the Commission, Regulators can provide further clarity and implement workable solutions.