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Prune Esquerré

Future of Work Community Leader

Weiqi Han

Consultant, Telecom Business Unit

Jean-Luc Lemmens

Telecom Business Unit Director

IDATE DigiWorld has just published its 5G Fixed Wireless Access market report and provides estimates of the 5G FWA market’s potential up to 2024, both worldwide and for the following regions: North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific.

Changing uses and regulatory frameworks are increasing the pressure on operators to deploy superfast access networks that provide nationwide coverage, in the short and medium term.

FWA technology’s evolution towards 5G, which will enable it to compete with wireline superfast access FTTx in terms of quality of service, makes it an interesting alternative not only from an investment standpoint, but especially thanks to a much shorter time to market than FTTH.

Several 5G FWA initiatives have already been launched, notably by Verizon in the US.

Download now an extract from our latest report and get key figures about these markets.








Key figures : 5G FWA markets