5G is a technology that goes beyond the growth of mobile broadband and opens new perspectives in terms of applications and uses. Many sectors of the economy are affected by this new technology, such as health, transportation, energy, media and industry for example. 5G networks have been launched in most industrial countries to date and will roll out to other regions starting in 2021.

The objective of the 5G Services Community is to address the wide variety of new needs and demands related to 5G, focused around different themes:

  • What are the prospects for the 5G ecosystem? (telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, IT services companies and manufacturers) 
  • How to monetize 5G / what investment prospects? And by whom? 
  • Private 5G, a real asset for manufacturers? What are the prospects and uses of 5G for industry? 
  • Which services for tomorrow? (B2B, B2C and B2B2C)

5G Community Leader

Stéphanie Char

5G Community Leader