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You want to know more about 5G for industrials? Check out our last study!

This report analyses the deployments of 5G networks in industrial use case.

  • It presents the underlying technologies needed to attain the goals of 5G for industrials.
  • As an introduction, it also extensively reviews up-to-date 5G deployments and spectrum allocation.
  • It analyses the regulation of the spectrum allocation, especially for private networks devoted to industrials.
  • The main initiatives in both trials and deployments around 5G are described in all main regions worldwide (China, Japan, USA, EU5).
  • The strategies of the key players – equipment vendors, MNOs and industrials – are examined.
  • It reviews the main drivers and barriers to deployment of 5G for industrials on the market.
  • In conclusion, it presents forecasts in volume in terms of 5G features, verticals, and for no fewer than eight countries and three regions.

Two databases are also provided including:

  • A list of key deployments worldwide (accessible by vertical/industry concerned, key stakeholders, objectives, date, timelines and more)
  • Market estimates and forecasts, by country, 5G feature and vertical