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Weiqi Han


Want to learn more about the Telecom operators’ strategies in the health market? Check out our latest report!

Telecom operators are looking for new opportunities in other sectors to increase their revenues, and digital healthcare is one of them.

This report provides an overview of the digital health market, including the value chain and the positions of telcos across the value chain. It also analyses the activity and strategy of selected telcos in the healthcare market

The objectives of this report cover the following key questions and areas:

  • What are the current trends in the digital health market? What are the market drivers and challenges?
  • How are telcos positioning themselves in the digital health value chain?
  • What are the key digital technologies in the digital health sector ?

The report includes case studies on the healthcare strategies of selected telcos, including their positioningvalue proposition and digital health portfolios.

It summarises the key findings for telcos looking to enter the healthcare sector.